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We sell high quality boilers

Dear clients! We are glad to introduce you to the fact that our activity is connected with home and family.Our products provide hot water to the household and the fact that their price is very low has a positive effect on your finances. Our products are of high quality and guarantee long years of use.Would you wish you more?
Choose quality guaranteed and low prices!
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Office: Bulgaria, Yambol, 85 Shipka str.

tel:+359/46/62 21 57

tel/fax: +359/46/66 33 05


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+359/878/870 472

+359/889/20 34 45

+359/878/85 39 90


 Inventors of solid fuel boiler models


 Totko Ukov                                           George Ukov

Бойлери на твърдо гориво, комбинирани бойлери, водонагреватели  Бойлери на твърдо гориво, комбинирани бойлери, водонагреватели Boiler combustibil tare echipamente gri

Boiler combustibil tare, combinat cu aparat de incalzire alb  Solid fuel boiler combined with electric heater (equipped) Water container for solid fuel boiler (type Silistra), white